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Wild ARMS Hints and Cheats

This is probabbly the best game to play if you wanna use your brain. Some people may need a lot of help because this game is challenging. Well welcome to the cheats and hints page! These hints are just for you! And be sure to come back once and a while. I have so many hints and cheats for this game it'll take a whole lot of time to post them! GOOD LUCK GAMER! Note: I got these from a site a long time ago, and I had forgotten the URL. Sorry! But thanks to everyone that had posted, it is really helpful. And if you have any more hints or comments to submit, please email me at Aeris's Email


In the ABYSS, seem like the "hint" is to have all of your party at the highest "luck" level. You need the Duplicator keys. Before fighting RaguRaglo, use the small white flowers to push your luck to "best". Make certain you have the best runes equipped for the highest defense. Use the "Boom Getter" for Jack; "Metal Shield" for Rudy; and "Orb of life for Cecilia. Don't worry about hitting hard. Start the battle with Cecilia using "reflect magic", in the next round have her cast "high shield". The battle is long, but it should be easy if you follow the directions.

Angola Moa:

In the Dueling Arena, go in the back and there will be a mirror. Punch it out with Rudy's power gloves and go in (make sure you have 5 duplicator key first!) Go to the very end and fight the illusion: Angola Moa. That's where you fight him...
If your at the levels between 40-45 this battle should be a sinch. All you need to do is NOT attack when he goes into a defensive stance because if you hit him, he does some CHEAPO move that hits you really hard! Don't forget the goat dolls just in case! ^__^


If your looking for Barbados (not the island, guys...the golem) he's in the middle of the canyon in the long desert.

Critical Hits:

If ou want your characters to have a 80% chance of doing a critical hit, cast the vanish spell on them, let them "defend" one round and then attack physically.

Death Rune (in full explanation):

In order to get the death rune you must first complete the MAZE OF DEATH which is located in the desert just to the northwest of the SHIP GRAVEYARD. After the maze is completed, there will be a countdown which will give you about 3 minutes.
After you have gotten the crystal blossom you need to have Cecilia use her WARP spell to take you to the entrance. Now make your way to the save room and blow the wall up! (its now breakable...dont try it when you first go in: IT WONT WORK!) Okay, you will encounter Chaos, the boss. It is a tough fight, but plan it out wisely and you'll do fine. ^_^

Encounter Rate:

Tired from bumping in those enemies? Then cast Invinsibility and then switch on Rudy's Skates and skate around as often as possible. (not recommended for those who want to gain expierience).

Experience Points:

If you want to gain a whole lot os experience points go to any of the three small islands to the east of the ancient arena. Keep fighting all the enemies until you see the alien Hayokantons; use your lucky cards and receive over 80000 exp. along with 60000 gella! If you really want to increase your chances, cast the CURSE spell on yourself =)

Fast Draws:

One of Jack's Fast Draws Techniques called Shadow Bind leads up to the technique Dark Sweep. When Jack uses Shadow Bind, it paralyzes his enemy, if the enemy is still paralyzed in the second turn use Shadow Bind again. The name of this technique will be Dark Sweep, which damages the enemy about 2000+ HP, then it tries to paralyze the other enemies in the group.

Goat Dolls:

If you have around 10 goat dolls and visit the blind girl in Centaur, she'll mention a swordsman who comes and visits her. Go to the entrance, and be prepared. You're in for a tough battle.

Golem Locations:

1. LUCIFER: Malduke, Statue area. Play the guitar in the circle. If you win you get Jack's best armor the Jade Wilder. (might want to have a lot of goat dolls)
2. SETO: Malduke, Mine area. Use the guitar again in the circle. You'll get Rudy's best armor the Braver Vest.
3. DIABLO: Gate Generator. Follow Zed.
4. LOLITHIA: The Photosphere. (just get past those darn spotlights)
5. BARBADOS: Desert. Fly to the stretch of deser in the norhwest corner, he's in one of those narrow parts. Win and get Dist Dimus, Cecilia's best weapon.
6. LEVIATHON: Sea. Get in the "new" Sweet Candy and sail south of Adlehyde to the dark water. She's in there. Win and get Pret-A-Porte, Cecilia's best armor.
7. ANGOL MOA: Ancient Arena. Punch in the mirrors with Rudy's Power gloves and open the door by using the 5 duplicator keys (you can get them from the Haykontans). Win, and get the Juggernaut-Jack's best weapon.
8. RAGUGARULA: The Abyss. (just a little note: you need at least 2 dulicator keys before you get into the abyss) To find the abyss, fo to any Elw Pyramind. Walk up to the teleport path (but not into it that you teleport) , and punch the port until the ground shakes. Keep on doing this over and over again until you get into the Abyss. Becareful when fighting RaguRala, he's hard and he'll hit ya hard. Don't underestimate him. If you win you get the Sheriff Star which boosts all your stats to 100.

Item Duplication:

1. Make sure the item you want to duplicate is exactly one.
2. Go into battle.
3. Make your 1st two characters use an item such as Heal Berry for example.
4. Then have the 3rd person highlight the heal berry but do not use it.
5. Now swap it with whatever item you want 255 of.
6. Get out of the item screen and make the third attack....then once you go back to the item screen BAM! There you are. ^_^

The Meaning of Turvai

Just for your information: Turvai means revenge in old indian =)

Mystic Force:

Here is a list of the mystic force weapons:
*Dist Dims: randomizer spell
*Pret a Porte: Randomizer
*Mage Staff: Shield
*Breeze Cape: Air Screen
*Magus Robe: Suction
*Prism Stick: Field
*Magic Wand: Blast
*Capuche: Analyze
*Dream Wand: Sleep
*Protect Cape: Protect
*Rune Staff: Dispell
*Chic Bolero: Anger
*Serenade: Restore
*Sorcery Wand: Silence
*Holy Parasol: Lock State
*Ruby Bische: Anti Magic
*Rainbow Wand: Rainbow
*Shining Cape: Hi Quick
*Crest Wand: MP Drain
*Filgaia Robe: Erase
*Ruby Tiara: Hi Restore
*Lunar Rod: Valkyrie
*Blue Ribbon: Hi Reflect
*Mirage Coat: Quick
*Garenet Coat: hi Shield
*Princess Rod: Sould Shield

Necromancer Books:

I have no idea where i got this, but i wrote this down and it seems to work:
To get the Necronimicron books easily without fighting them for hours, use lucky shot to kill the Necromicron books in De le Metallica. You have to cast banish on them first to lower their magic defense or else you'll only inflict 0 HP for damage.

Quick Draw: Trickster

Here are a few things that the Trickster can get ya:
1. Sado -Bullet Clip
2. Leviathon - Bullet Clip
3. Blue Book- Magic Carrot
4. Critter - Magic Carrot
5. Griffin - Wind Ring
6. Hayokonton - Duplicator
7. Hell Diver - Revive Fruit
8. Hobgolbin - Medicine
9. Izamma - Potion Berry
10. Larva - Antidote
11. Miconid - Potion Berry
12. Salamandra - Revive Fruit
13. Sommeril - Revive Fruit

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